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Can you please suggest books I can read to my 1-year-old?

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You can go to NLB and they have a catalogue of suggested reading list for the various age groups. For 1 year old, those board books with single words , big pictures, sensory touch are all suitable.. Rhyming words or nursery rhymes and songs books are good too

You can try Karen Katz’s ‘Baby Loves’ series/ Where is Baby’s Belly Button. My child also enjoyed ‘The very hungry caterpillar’, Goodnight Moon, Pat the Bunny, Each Peach Pear Plum, Where is the Green Sheep & 10 little fingers 10 Little Toes.

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I read Pepper series to my daughter when she was about 1.5yo, and she loves it, the book taught her about manners, fear etc, so it's a good starting for toddler, but I can only found 2nd hand book here in sg, not sure where to buy the new one.

Books with colourful pictures and nursery rhymes are a good start. If you're in SG, do check out the kids' section of NLB as they have a good selection of books.

nursery rhymes, or books with repeated words and rhymes. can try brown bear brown bear, the very hungry caterpillar by Eric carle. my girl loves them!

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I borrowed like 16 books every week from NLB and just keep swapping. My Daughter used to love the touch and feel books at 1

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Hi, hope this list helps from Goodreads help!

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Flash cards. And books that’s available at home. Pictorial or sensory books.

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I sang nursery rhymes to my baby to soothe them to sleep

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You can redeem the free library pack at NLB.