Hello mummies, I'm a little old school & feel books are best friends, no gadget can take over that. I want to inculcate this habit to my 5 month old daughter , so please suggest good reads

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hi...that age is SO great. At that age your get these lovely Tag books also board books... a five month old will not focus on the book, but will chew it, play with it etc. Tag books are great for that (they are made of fabric). rather than read to her, I would tell my daughter stories at that age. even when she was doing something else. before reading, it is building up a love for stories.

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We used to offer our baby with cloth books and board books with bright colours and pictures. These excite them and intro a spectrum of colours and shades to them. Those with music or sound books are great too! Buy them off Amazon - Black Friday sale is coming! :P

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I have Lamaze cloth books and a variety of other cloth books. I bought this one for her too for her bedtime routine. It's an interactive cloth book where you can move the toothbrush around

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Lamaze cloth books! Both my little ones loved them. They still love them! They are colourful and safe and very engaging for little ones - they happily chew on them.

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Thanks everyone :) cloth books is such a great idea !!!