My sense of smell getting worse

My plates been pilling up in the sink all because I couldn’t stand the food smell! He promised to help me till today he didn’t even do it! End up he knocked out cos tired from work! It’s driving me crazy that I can't stand the smell of the entire house and to even go out from my room??? Not only that, I feel sux when I couldn’t even cook, let alone cleaning the raw meats that we got from our groceries! So scared it will get rotten if I leave it for so long in the freezer!? Idk why pregnancy is like giving me so many problems, and I am a first time mum to be??? I even asked help from my mum if she don’t mind coming over my place to help me with the raw meats cleaning unfortunately she don’t want to do it?? Pregnancy is suppose to be a happy thing but why am I feeling like it is not at all???

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Oh noooo...Do try and talk to your husband about how you're feeling. Pregnancy should be a wonderful journey