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Hi mommies, today I am week 16 and still vomiting... There are so many basic food smells that I can't tolerate. It started with just garlic which was already bad enough as most foods contain garlic... But recently it has become that almost all meats and even eggs taste funny to me. I can't stand fried foods and smoky smell even like when water is boiling or toasted bread. But I am so hungry, if I don't eat a proper meal on time I vomit too. Anyone else going through food aversions? All the mommies around me never had eating problems like me. #firstbaby #advicepls #pleasehelp #foodaversion

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same here! I'm in week 11 and my aversion to fried garlic, finely choped garlic has yet to subside. My nausea comes back when I'm hungry as well. have you tried having fish? salmon or white fish (e.g. cod fish, haddock) It's going well for me, as I became nauseous from certain ways of cooking other meat. my nausea becomes worse at night, so I sip a warm cup of brown sugar ginger tea (those from taiwan). It has been helpful for bloating and nausea :) hang in there!

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7mo ago

Thanks for the tips! I've been finding seafood more tolerable too, especially when they are cooked simply without a lot of seasonings. Hope things get better for you soon!

I'm 10 weeks today and have food aversion too. Same like you, ill vomit if I don't eat, I'll also vomit even if I eat. I'll make sure the least I can do is keep myself hydrated and have fruits instead. Water tastes disgusting to me now, so I'll have fruits that are juicy like fragrant pears or watermelon. Meiji plain crackers would help too.

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Try bland foods like porridge, oats, barley? Eat Meiji plain crackers. And take in some lemon in water for vitamin C. Do also take pre natal vitamins for added nutrition supplement since you haven’t been eating well. Take care

7mo ago

good idea, thanks!

many mummies i know went through the same thing, totally normal

7mo ago

it depends on their cravings and what they can tolerate. one day can just be plain biscuits, another day is fried chicken.. trial and error based on ur prererence