For parents with toddler and preschool kids. What's your yardstick for sending them to school when they are unwell? - some parents keep kids home the minute a runny nose or cough develops. They get super upset with other parents who send kids to school when they are sick - some parents use fever as the yardstick and send back to school after 24 hours from when fever subsides, the kid may have a tail cough or drippy nose - some parents simply have not much choice. Either insufficient leave or no other care arrangements. They put their kids in school even with a fever. My tot had a fever and cough. We kept him home for a whole week because he had a cough after the fever subsided. That was a lot of taking time off work both hub and my end and the kid having to readjust back to school after being away for a week. Looking at how often the little fella gets a cough or cold, if I continue with this, we could probably be home half the time. Any thoughts on this first world problem?

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I think the type of school you send your child too plays a part too. If it's a 3hr kindergarten or half day childcare centre, there is generally a support network the parent can fall back on, be it grandparents, SAHM or domestic helper. I'll expect kids to stay at home when they are unwell. For kids attending full day childcare, they are typically taken care of by full time working parents with less support. There is no way they can be brought home at the slightest sign of illness. As such, tolerance for illness is typically higher. At the end of the day, do what you think is convenient while being civic minded to the best of your ability. We live in a society whereby you send, tongues will wag, don't send, other tongues will wag too. Do what make sense to you and your child, without causing major inconvenience to others is what I'll recommend.

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