Hi parents, what are your home remedies for cold or flu? This is my 5th day na kasi. Im having night sweats, headaches, swollen lymph glands/kulani sa neck super sakit. Di makagalaw maayos. And fever. Should I go to the doctor na ba? Hay. Hirap pa naman magkasakit wawa husband and baby ko dko maasikaso.

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Hi, You can make the concoction of basil leaves, one clove, and ginger. You can take two cups of water and put all these things together and make it to boil. Take it all off when one-fourth of it is left. Later, when it cools down a bit, add one spoon of honey and you can have two spoons, there or fours times a day. But, I suggest if it is already been 5 days, please see a doctor as it can be congestion.

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for me, raw honey + apple cider vinegar + coconut oil + ginger tea