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Hi, any recommebdation for wet wipes

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Hey there, I prefer the unscented ones so the baby wipes from Huggies are lovely. They’re of a thicker ply too so they’re really good. For more bang for your buck, I recommend the Redmart house brand ones - these are sold in cartons too and they’re really good. If you’re okay with paying more, I love the bamboo ones.

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Soonsu wet wipes(blue) from qoo10. Korean brand. Cheap and good. No fragrance and good for sensitive skin too!

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can redeem free huggies wet wipes to try when you join Huggies Club https://huggies.site/zctzy

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LEC 99.9% pure water wet wipes. It’s also suitable to wipe face and hands.


jeju wipes from shopee, you can also find it at carousell

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Pigeon, pharmacies have some really good brands too

Infanity from q10 or Shopee! Cheap and good!


Pigeon, huggies. Guardian brand also good.

+1 to Jeju wipes from shopee

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Pigeon brand is good. :)