If you really can't keep your child off the iPad, how long should you allow him to play on it? Also, at what age should they be really using the iPad?

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my preschooler had gotten addicted to both the Iphone and the Ipad at one point of time and always wanted to watch rhymes and so on. however, we realized it was turning into an addiction and she would only be happy when she had the gadgets on. we made her stop and as of now, she uses gadgets only on the weekends, that too not always, and at the most for an hour in an entire week. she is now 4. i am okay with my 10 year old using it for 2 to 4 hours a week to help her with studies and so on.

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In this age of technology, its not easy to keep the kids away from gadgets. Kids nowadays get used to tablets and iPads from a very early age. Sometimes parents use it to keep them engaged, sometimes to make them have their meals. Time limit should be based on age. Ideally, the lesser they are exposed the better. Maximum half an hour a day though occasionally you can give some leeway. There is no particular age to start the iPad, the later the better.

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Siguro at the age of 7 and I only gave her atleast 1hour to watch. I put some limitation kasi pag sobra sobra napansin ko sa baby ko medyo di na sya nakikinig, iniiyakan niya na din kapag di nya nakukuha so I decided kahit atleast 1 hour a day or minsan nga ginagawa ko on weekends lang after ng school after noya matapos homeworks niya.

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