Hi parents, my 18mo is teething. Having mild fever & diarrhea. Can I give her ibuprofen/panadol or both? What's the dosage? TIA

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I will bring baby to PD instead of self medicate. PD has told me before teething doesn't cause diarrhea so it is better to have PD check your baby in case there are other underlying causes for the fever and diarrheas. As for Panadol the dosage should depend on baby's weight. How high is her temperature? Always use Panadol as first line of defense and give Iburofen only if the temp is still high after giving Panadol and only three hours after the last dosage of Panadol. Iburofen is more harsh on the tummy so never over give and try not to use it unless Temp runs very high .

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Yes you can give her paracetamol for the fever and pain. Dosage will be depending on her weight and the strength of the paracetamol. Meanwhile if she is really fussing, you can put some teething gel like dentinox or bonjela to numb the pain.

Yes you can give either. Before that try natural methods such as cold spoon, teether. Use paracetamol as a first choice. If there is no improvement and fever spikes higher then 38.5 give ibuprofen.

Yes you can give paracetamol for teething. (Children's Panadol). Pls don't use for more than 48 hours. Also use bonjela gel and amber teething necklace.

Pls go pd to get the dosage for ur child - it's dependent on weight of the child

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You can give panadol. but please bring to a PD to get the correct dosage.