How to tell visitors the boundaries I have set for my baby?

As the pandemic continues to evolve and flue virus spreading together will tonnes of other diseases like EBV, I’m concerned for my newborn. How can I tell visitors that they should only visit if they’re well, and I will be providing masks and hand sanitizer as they will be expected to be in mask and have their hands sanitized at all times when they are near my baby and myself? And also, how do I tell visitors that I’m not comfortable with them holding my baby or kissing him? I don’t want to hurt the feelings of my visitors. I do appreciate them taking time to visit, but I feel I need to take these precautions just in case. Or am I thinking too much?

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no you’re not thinking too much, it’s natural to worry and understandable to have all these precautions. i reminded visitors to wash hands (and feet) once entering the house, and if they want to kiss, just say no kissing, even i don’t kiss baby like that. you can carrier baby so they have no chance to carry!

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11mo ago

i said it with a smile :) and say it’s for baby’s safety. they just “oh ya ok”