For Pan-frying food for your LO, when is a good time to start? 9 months? 8 months ? What oil do u use? Virgin coconut oil? Olive oil? What do u usually pan-fry for your LO? Fish ? Egg?

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I pan fry minced meat patties and fish too. Eggs only after 1yo. I use butter and VCO
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I give around 8-9 months. VCO is good as it's natural good fats. And it's very fragrant using it. I alway try to minimize the amount of oil if possible. I make pancakes, scramble eggs, fish of cours
You can use a small amount of olive oil to pan fry fish fillets (which you break into small flakes) before giving to baby or finely minced meat (and add into the porridge). My friends waited till baby
I was told by my sis to wait till baby is one year and above then pan fry with oil. So I guess best to wait then .. I think no hurry to pan fry .. Steam n boil is good to go for now I guess :)