My LO is 13 months old .. can I add pure organic virgin coconut oil to the baby food ? Read that it contains Lauric acid (found in breast milk) and it has many good benefits . I saw there is this Tropicana brand coconut oil for baby . Not sure if it is good

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Yes i been adding VCO into my diet (so my breastmilk fat will be fatter) and into my toddlers diet. I use nutrivita brand from iherb though!
I have been giving my baby organic vco since she is 8 to 9 months old. My preschooler is also taking it every morning with honey in the morning as supplements. Also like what Ling has shared, we also
Yes you can add the organic virgin coconut oil. It has many benefits. Noy just for consumption, diaper rash cream, insect bites, moisturizer, tooth paste and many more. Im using Vitacoco coconu