I heard milo with virgin coconut oil increases milk supply. Is this true? Where do I get virgin coconut oil? How much oil do I mix with the milo?

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Not all boosters work for everybody so you will have to try and error. You can get virgin coconut oil from iherb, cold storage and some kiddy palace do sell them. Alternatively, you can add brewer's yeast (can be found at NTUC Finest under organic department) into milo as well. It is also said to be a milk booster but it have a very strong taste.

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Separately those two ingredients have been known to increase production of breast milk. No harm trying them together unless you have a sensitive stomach because those two together sound pretty heavy. Start off by adding a teaspoon to milo (the australian recipe) and see how it goes.

Yup, extra virgin coconut oil is a milk booster. You can also use it with ovaltine for an extra boost (better than milo as ovaltibe has malt). Buy it from RedMart. This is the one we use in my home.

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This brand is good.

VCO being all natural I think will not give any negative side effects.

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Iherb.com has it cheaper but takes longer time to arrive

Yes it's a milk booster.

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Didn’t try before