1 Month Plus Old Baby

Is it okay to add abit of Cerelac into his milk?

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I understand the anxious ness. Guess u are a first time mom. Not yet. Normally start between 4-6 months on. Good to ask qns before trying anything new and especially if u don't know.

Guess you are tired due to night feeding. Adding cereal at 1 month is too early. Hang on till 4 months. Once baby can sit with support.. No harm adding half teaspoon.

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Nope. Only breast milk or formula milk for babies below 6 months. Starting too early on solids might give risk to allergies, choking etc.

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Please don’t... baby will choke, and baby can’t handle cereal yet too.


Still early, solid should start after 6 months. For now 1 month only milk.

Omg why would you want to do that? Milk only till 6 months please

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Better nope .. after 4months nly need to start solids

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NO. Breastmilk and FM only before 6 months.

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Still too early for solids. Wait till 6mths

Not yet mommy , hang on there .