Is it ok for my 5 mths old baby to cry through the night? I

Is it ok for my 5 mths old baby to cry through the night? I want to sleep train him. He has been waking up more than 10 times just to suckle at my breasts. I am very very tired. The next day he woke up still yawning. Obviously he did not get quality sleep.

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Hi, Yes, it is normal to wake up many a times during night during this stage, rather this happens with babies till they turn 2. I mean, they would not wake up so often but they have a sound uninterrupted sleep after 2 years. This is not a thumb rule and some babies may be good sleepers but this happens because baby is still adjusting to the new environment. Till 9 months he was in the womb and had his own sleeping patterns and now, suddenly when he is out in the world, they are so many things that he is adjusting to. Moreover with each passing day, he is developing manifold. His mind works like crazy, as he is trying to pick new words, trying to understand new gestures, learning to do new thing each day, some start teething, so basically he is going through too much physically and his sleeping pattern is sure to get disturbed. You will have to be patient till he sets his sleeping schedule. It is a phase and it will pass. All you can do is feed baby well before you put him to sleep at night. Babies also wake up at night for comfort feeding and not generally out of hunger. They feed for a while and the touch of your skin make them feel secure.

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