New house stress

officially juzz moved in today. Bought house just 3 blocks aways from my parents . Mummy.. how wld u feel if u r shifting ur things n bringing ur baby ard 12am at husband is crazy...wen we reach hm at our new house..5month baby started crying loud...i talk to him very nicely to closed the window of the balcony n good...then he start to scold me that i m superticious la....if i m nt happy..can always go back my parent house...feeling so depressed. Hw wld u feel.

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You should get no tension for a new house stress. If you have any issue regarding appliances breakdown like washing machine . You should hire a professional from

It might because ur LO cannot take the smell of new house (like painting, tiner.. ) that why cry.. Don't wry too much.. And it's already so late, everyone is too tired already..

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I will let it pass and won’t take it to heart. I think everyone is just tired.

Both are tired ...besides it’s late.