Loud noises

Would occasional expose to drilling, hammering or loud noises affect baby’s hearing in the womb?

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Super Mum

Sound is much more difficult to reach baby's ears than your ears so if it's so loud that it can affect baby in any way your ears would be damaged already 😅. If your ears are fine baby should be fine.

Should be fine as the sounds that they heard would probably be muffled, and as u mentioned on occassional basis.

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Although it shouldn’t cause any much impact, but its better to try to avoid if possible.

Nope it won’t. But you will feel headache first I supposed

it will not affect baby's hearing but best to avoid


No it doesn't. In fact our womb is very noisy too.

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It won't affect baby's hearing.

Super Mum

Try avoiding it

Super Mum

Dont think so.

Best to avoid