If not this, then what would it be?

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If not this, then what would it be?
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Be a foster parent, work with children at homes, open a kindergarten school.. kids has so much potential if properly nurtured. Potential to be a good person, not just academically good. They are our future generation, need to nurture well.

Running multiple jobs. Property agent, small business, day trading, freelance work. I like my current job but any form of moonlighting is banned which limits my options.

Spending more time with the kids, being outdoors more, but also continuing volunteer and advocacy work.

volunteer work in the morning, spend time with children in the afternoon.

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Now I am full time mom , if not busy with doing some passionate job ..

current job is housewife. if not this, I would still be a counselor.

Spending more time with family, cooking more and going out more :)

Counsellor, or something related to kids and social service

housewife and a mother, and do some small business

sometimes I think I would have become monk as well