1st Pregnancy

Is It normal that I do not feel any movement of baby and my belly not showing that much and my weight remain static (not gaining weight at all) . Currently im in my 18 weeks. Quiet worrying ???

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its still early.belly will show around 25weeks like that. even so its still looks small unless u carrying twins la. baby is still pretty much small and they belum gemuk lagi.ur stage now is more towards the development of the organs.just keep an eye on ur weight because gaining too much might be a sign or diabetes which the baby could have also.if baby heartbeat is present then there is nothing to worry about ❤

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Yeah.. Everthing seems normal.. My hb remains at 12,bp normal, no gdm, baby scanning look perfectly fine and hear beat oso good.. I think i should stop worrying about this.. But i cant.. Even i try to see my belly most of the times.. Is moving of feeling anything..