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I'm on 22 weeks pregnant. My weight gained about 8.2kg. Dortor told me baby weight and size was normal just my body itself gained quite alot of weight. Is that normal? I not sure is water retention or other issue, how to control it? Or just let it be if it is normal. Thanks!

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Tulis jawapan

i had the same thing too but i gain 6kg in 1 month.no diabetes and baby's weight is normal. how to overcome? well, i skip my breakfast and stop my maternal milk and change it to yogurt and fresh milk.for yogurt i eat greek yogurt. my rice intake i cut by what i used to eat when i was underweight which was 1/3 of a bowl and eat more veggies and meat.tho that never satisfied my hunger so i drink lots of warm water. i can tell u that in 2 weeks(my next appointment) i went from 56.6kg to 56.4kg. they said that maternal milk like frisomum and anmum contains sugar even tho it said less and thats one of the reasons why pregnant woman gain weight. if u can find calcium supplements it would be great but dont eat it with ur iron supplements as this 2 repels each other,if not u can stick to fresh milk. im lactose intolerant so i just take yogurt but since yogurt also contains sugar i only take around 2-4 table spoons of yogurt each day.also i did a simple walking workout on the treadmill 3times a week for 30mins. for water retention,drinking lots of water would help and elevate ur legs above ur heart level.if u get leg cramps,quickly put ur feet flat on the ground.it help me alot.what works for me might not work for u tho but i hope this would help u.

Baca lagi
5y ago

glad i could help😊

I face the same prob then I chge my dinner plan....eat anything you want b4 7pm with sukatan of one bowl rice and b4 slp drink oats tht maintain my weight

5y ago

thanks Sara, I tried to do this as well. hope it work on me too.