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Is it normal if I am not gaining weight? At 18 weeks now. Initially loss weight and then gained back 1 or 2 kg only. Worried about baby. ?

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Hi mummy I had very bad first trimesters. Pre pregnancy weight 45kg. I went down to 40kg. And at the end of my pregnancy I gain 22kg. Baby weight 3.2kg gave birth at 36 weeks. Don't worry so much just believe in your gynae. When he or she never say anything means every is OK.

My gynae said it's fine as bb is gaining weight normally even though losing weight due to puke and lost of appetite. Bb comes out at 3kg at 38 weeks. Only gained 8kg in 1st preg. So lose weight easily right after birth. Now 2nd preg also only gain little bit at 2nd tri

Dont worry too much.. Just eat as per normal .. I only gained 2kg throughout the pregnancy and I delivered to a healthy baby.. Every individual body is different..Not necessary must gain alot of weight during pregnancy.. As long as your baby is growing well its okay..

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I lost weight average of 1.5kg per mth and only start to gain weight in the near end sec trimester too. As long as doc says bby is gaining well in there, nothing to worry


Is normal, just make sure baby growing well during every checkup/scan My total weight increase 8kg, baby born at 37week at 3kg, so not to worry about the figure

I've only gained 2 kg at 24 weeks. Gynae did tell me to eat whatever I want... Just check with gynae if your foetus is gaining enough weight


Its fone as long as baby is growing. I lost 4 kg during 1st tri start gaining weight around 20 weeks. Gave birth at 36 weeks gain 22 kg

As far as baby is ok , everything is ok I have been gaining weight from the end of 2nd trimester!

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As long as the baby is healthy it's fine. :) I wasn't gaining weight till like third trimester

Yes, don’t worry.. just make sure u taken enough foods. Some of my friends also loss weight