Hi, is it normal to be having difficulty in sleeping during the first trimester? or does it happen throughout the pregnancy?

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it happens. and its more common during the later part of pregnancy due to needing to wake up frequently to pee, and the big bump makes it difficult to sleep

I can't sleep well at night all the way from 1st -3rd trimester. keep waking up to go washroom. So I sleep in the afternoon for a few hrs.

For me, 1st and 3rd trimester haha. 1st cos of the night nausea. And third cos of the baby kicking like ⚽️

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same as u ladies 🤗 1st i had trouble sleeping cuz even sleep half way will wake up to vomit cause of nausea 3rd tri baby movements/braxton hicks can make it hard to sleep

it depend on the hormones changes in you, you might like to check with doctor for better sleep at night

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Maybe anxiety causing difficulty in sleeping too so could happen throughout the pregnancy

I am afraid to sleep a lot during pregnancy. It may cause Pre-eclampsia during labor.

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i had that throughout my whole pregnancy weeks. but each pregnancy is different. 😁

hi, this is my 7 week . on the night cannot sleep well n go toilet 2 times . 😔

It's not exactly thr insomnia for me.. Its peeing like 10000x per night 😡

I feel so active at night and very exhausted during day time.