Im on my 10 weeks pregnant today. I have difficulty sleeping at night. Is it normal?

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its normal. i had very bad morning sickness (even at night, i do have to wake up to vomit) and was peeing very frequently during my first trimester

Is normal. But I'm not, I tired until like 4nights never sleep. Somemore I will go for afternoon nap night still very tired

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Is it due to morning sickness that u are not feeling well that’s why u can’t sleep well? It’s normal. :)

I didn’t have good sleep for the past three weeks. Clocking in only 3-4 hours per day. U are not alone

Usually I can’t sleep cos of bloating or hungry. After eating something usually I can sleep after.

Yes! I've experienced it during that week! I just slept in the afternoon

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It’s completely normal .. especially for 1st time mama

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I kept waking up to pee too, it may be hormonal driven

Yes I have this issue even until 14wks..

same. but different mummy differently