I'm in my first trimester and I am having the worst nights of my life. I have difficulty sleeping and I feel dizzy during the night. Is this normal? How do I beat this?

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Hi, It is normal to encounter difficulty sleeping. It could be due to anxiety or heartburn. You can try taking a relaxing warm bath before going to bed, or have a glass of milk may help. As for feeling dizzy or lightheaded, it may be because of the changing hormones which causes your blood vessels to expand and relax to help blood flow to your baby. However, it will slow down the return of blood for you, hence leading to lower blood pressure. If you are only experiencing this at night, try taking deep breathes and ensuring good circulation in the room to help relieve the lightheaded sensation. Take care!!

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It's quite normal actually. During the first trimester, while you might not have much of a baby bump to deal with, there are other issues that can prevent a good night’s sleep. Your body's adjusting to the changes and dealing with all the emotions that come with these changes can be quite taxing and sleep depriving. A warm glass of milk and a really comfortable setting will help with this. If you and your hubs love to use electronics before bed, try limiting the usage as this could cause the dizzy spells. Stay active in the day so you'll be tired and hopefully have an easier time talking asleep.

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im in same situation last night and fall asleep put my head on toilet bowl..i had no more energy to stand coz i vomit too many times... my husband gets home early and bring me to see my doc and he said i got gastric... its my first time ever.. i think iys because of the maggie that i ate early that afternoon... i sweaaar not to touch instant noodles anymore and till tonight i got fever and lost my appetite but hungry...how is that possible.... hungry but no apoetite and cant even lift up ur head.. 🐇😭

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Yeah. I’m in your shoes too. But mine it has timing. I can’t even eat anything without throwing it out back. I had instant noodles too last night, it is not good for our body and also baby. Try to take bread, with spicy maybe like spicy tuna. I’d tried and it works! 😊

Try to avoid late food intake. Take a glass of warm milk before going to bed. Alleviate yr pillow a lottle higher so that you will feel better.

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