Weight Gain in 1st Trimester

Is it normal to be gaining weight even in the 1st trimester when your pregnancy is still very early (and small). I just completed week 5 and have already gained a whole kilo. Tried not to eat so much but I'm constantly hungry!!! ?

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Do you have MS? I’m the same as you. Except that my MS is quite annoying that I can never vomit, so I had to keep eating to make me feel more comfortable. For the first 5 weeks my weight was the same until one day I woke up the weight just kept going up. I feel like majority of it is water weight. Coz food wise I don’t take as much as pre-pregnancy but sometimes the weight just goes up. It’s depressing but I try to tell myself that at least baby is growing healthily inside of me.

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3y ago

Yeah. I read that people who experience MS gain around 0.5-2kg in their first tri. That is they vomited their food out. Then they start gaining all the weight back from second tri onwards when their MS goes away. For us we keep everything inside haha.

The recommended weight gain in 1st trimester is no more than 2 kg. Try to snack on healthy food and fit in some exercise if you are worried about weight gain

Super Mum

It’s possible. Do ensure you don’t overeat though, because there will be significant weight gain in the 3rd trimester for baby’s growth. Very tiring for you. Perhaps healthier choices of snacks may help, eg. Apples would be good. Apples have fewer calories, good fibre, and they make you very full quickly.

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3y ago

I was never a breakfast person before this but ever since I got pregnant I always wake up super super hungry so I always have a full breakfast. I think it's because of this additional meal that I'm gaining so fast ☹