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Hi mummy, is it normal not to gain much weight? Im at my 16weeks of pregnancy. I didnt gain any weight during first trimester. Now i gain 0.5kg (from 53.5 to 54) should i be concern? I eat as per normal. 3-4 meals a day. #advicepls

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Totally normal. I have started to gain only week 20 onwards (gained 1 kg from pre pregnancy weight), and all was good during week 20 anatomy scan. As long as your baby is showing up healthy in scans, all is good.

I’m also at around week 18 but only gained 1kg since the start. I think as long as baby is growing well not much of an issue. Don’t worry! Just check with doctor if need to gain more weight, usually towards 3rd Tri.

6mo ago


Dont worry. I haven gained any weight and im reaching week 32 already 😅 but i have GD! Eating normally with 3 meals daily too..

i only gain 1kg when i was 20weeks. now that im 25weeks i gained another 3kg 🙃

6mo ago

What a relief to hear that! Tqsm!!!