1 year old meal times

Is it normal for 1 year old to fuss during meal times? Or is it the porridge i cook is not tasty enough? He eats ok at grandma house and when i tried, the porridge is tasteless though.... and at home i tried to make it tasty but he doesnt like it except for food pouches like kewpie, wakodo. Any tips?

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keep trying. its ok because they r stil exploring on different types of food given to them. portion out ur food on a plate with dividers, vege 1 portion, fruits 1 portions and meat anoer portion. let them try out as many different types of food as possible e mre they r exposed to different food, e mre they wil b willing to try tell them what wil they be eating today. when the presentation of the food is colorful u b surprised and amazed that ur child is enjying their food.

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Super Mum

He doesn’t need tasty porridge at this age:) he will have preferences for the types of taste and textures he likes. So you can try making the porridge the same way as grandma. Or you can offer him other things, eg bread/baby noodles/pasta to make the meals more varied and exciting:)

Super Mum

Yes, it’s normal. I also think he associates porridge with grandma and kewpie pouches with you so he doesn’t want you to feed porridge. It will take time for your LO to get used to it.