My 4.5 year old is constantly clearing his throat all day long and it's especially worse during meal times. He clears it very noisy with every swallow or even before he eats. He's very vocal and he says he's not ill and it almost feels like he's doing it out of habit. I did a Google search and it seems to be a thing at this age. Does anyone have any answers? It's driving me nuts!

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haha.. not sure if this will help, but I remember doing it when I was younger. If my memory served me well, I was imitating the adults I saw on TV. My parents stopped this by telling me that it is very rude and annoying to others. Every time I tried that, they will ask me "Do you have something to say, young lady?" or "Yes, how may I help you Madam?" or simply "Mind your manners" (something along those lines). Worked for me. So just sharing my experience. hee..

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Since your child is 4 and is old enough to understand table manners/etiquette, you can tell him that it's not polite to be making loud sounds especially during meal times. You're right to say that kids at that age like to test boundaries and this is also the age where they develop habits -- best to nip it in the bud.

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each time he does that, u also do the same. tell others in ur family also to do the same. it may test ur patience a little more but the message will go thru to him. also tell his friends to do the same. he will grow out of it.