9 months old baby prefers oatmeal than porridge

Currently my LO is 9 months old and she prefers Gerber oatmeal than porridge that i cooked. Tried so many times but still not liking it. Can i give her breakfast/lunch/ dinner oatmeal? She seems to like it. Do i need to worry if she doesnt like porridge? #pleasehelp

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You don’t need to worry if she doesn’t like porridge, but I wouldn’t give Gerber oatmeal for 3 meals. I feel we should expose baby to all different kind of food, and when you keep giving same food, they will develop a preference on it & become picky eater later on. You can try giving noodle, pasta etc. As for porridge, I make it flavourful (pumpkin, chicken, egg, veggie, goji berries). The porridge taste really good

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Super Mum

Oatmeal is better since rice porridge can contain high level of arsenic.If you're worried about meat veggie etc you can try steaming and giving her as finger foods

1y ago

Do i need to worried if shes not eating porridge?


did you cook your Porridge to congee type? and do you add other ingredients to make it flavorful abit?