Is it a norm for a 8 month old baby to put toys into their mouth? I read that that is how baby senses n explore the things around them. Their mouth is like their senses . Is it true? Cos my baby will be gg to infant care this fri and I worry that by putting toys etc into his mouth , he will fall sick easily. How to prevent him from putting toys into his mouth ?

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You're right, this is very normal and there is little we can do to prevent this. Their mouth contains the most number of sensory nerves and this is how they explore the world around them. And more so if they are going to infant care where the teachers will be watching over more kids. It's hard to avoid kids getting sick as sometimes parents bring their sick kids to school unknowingly that they are sick. Best you can do is teach your kids proper hand washing. Make it a habit. When they get home from school, wash their hands properly. Proper nutrition and outdoor play also boosts immunity. Hope this helps.

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Yes babies tend to put pretty much everything in their mouths if left unattended. It is inevitable that your baby will do the same at his infant care and the caregivers might not be able to prevent this from happening all the time. What you can do beforehand is up your child's immunity before he goes into infant care. Besides immunization, child experts agree that a healthy diet high in fruits, vegetables, and iron-rich foods as well as plenty of sleep are key to a strong immune system. Make sure your child gets enough rest and the relevant nutrients and vitamins everyday :)

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It's perfectly normal for the baby to explore things with her mouth as they are using their senses to feel the new object. However, do ensure you maintain a high level of hygiene regularly by cleaning the toys, books as this will prevent the baby from falling ill. Do visit the infant care centre to see if their hygiene upkeep is up to standard as a clean hygiene environment & caregiver will minimise the chances of outbreak of infectious disease like stomach flu & hfmd.

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Yes, it's definitely normal for them to put everything in their mouth as they are exploring. Don't think putting toy into the mouth is the major cause if they fall sick. Younger toddlers tend to fall sick easier as compared to older kids. Perhaps you wana consult pd/gp if there's any multi-vits for 8months to build their immune system; Off-the-rack multi-vits usually not suitable for 2yo or younger.

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Yes baby at that stage tends to put everything they see into the mouth .At home you will have to sterlize all toys etc it sometime hard to avoid but made it a pratice that whenever u all see just tell them no putting it into the mouth ..For cc tried built their immune system as often starting of school kids tend to get sick easily but will built up slowly

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This is normal. Just make sure you clean up the stuff that bb put in mouth. Sometime it also due to teething that make them bite toys. Get the teething toy for bb~

yes tis is normal my girl 5 mth now everything also go into her mouth.. so everytime when I saw tat I will tell her no u can't put tis in ur mouth

yes it nomal due to teething gum pain, maybe you can get teething toys which are soft & it safe for babies.

very normal my baby put everything into her mouth