My lo is turning 4 months next week, but she is still clenching her fist and when i give her teether/toy, she cant seems to be able to hold it for long..i have read that infant at this stage should be able to hold teether/toys to put into their mouth, but she only put her hands into her mouth. She also doesnt jump when i put her on her feet. should i be worried?

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my boy is 5months plus now and he still can't hold a teething toy for long. I have to hold it for him. reason being that he rather eats his hands. nurses at my polyclinic said to let them have their hands as it helps their brain development. I try to not let him have too much due to hygiene and also may cause lack of appetite. as for jumping, she might be a calm baby? my boy is extremely active and kicks but he only jumps properly after trying the jumperoo. however, jumperoos are for babies who have stable heads. you can consider. :)

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Thanks for sharing, will just keep trying to give her toy to hold then. As for her feet, she is very active in kicking her leg when shes lying down, just that when i hold her up with her feet touching flat surface she will just hold it there without moving. She is also curling her toe a lot, thats why im worried.

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seek doctors advice during your next development check.