Is it a norm for a 8 month old baby to put toys into their mouth? I read that that is how baby senses n explore the things around them. Their mouth is like their senses . Is it true? Cos my baby will be gg to infant care this fri and I worry that by putting toys etc into his mouth , he will fall sick easily. How to prevent him from putting toys into his mouth ?

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Yes babies tend to put pretty much everything in their mouths if left unattended. It is inevitable that your baby will do the same at his infant care and the caregivers might not be able to prevent this from happening all the time. What you can do beforehand is up your child's immunity before he goes into infant care. Besides immunization, child experts agree that a healthy diet high in fruits, vegetables, and iron-rich foods as well as plenty of sleep are key to a strong immune system. Make sure your child gets enough rest and the relevant nutrients and vitamins everyday :)

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