Baby drinks too much milk?

My baby is only 3 weeks old and he is constantly hungry. He used to only drink less than average which is 40-50ml around 2hrs interval but now he’s drinking 80-90ml at 1.5 to 2hrs interval. I’m worried about over feeding but when we gave him less milk he got all the hungry cues. He won’t sleep until we feed him more milk. He’s on formula feeding. Is this normal and what do i do if it’s not?

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Super Mum

Hi there, Baby is going through a growth spurt. This will last from 2-3 days to a week or so. In the first 3 months, baby will be doing lots of growing so some fussiness is to be expected. Further, baby will cluster feed during this period. Sadly, I’m not very experienced in formula feeding but I found a few articles which may help:

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they maybe experiencing growth spurts, so just follow their cues and give them wat they can. Will last for a few days after which it will reduce and the next spurt to start again.

Hi, my baby is also 3 weeks old and drinks 90-100ml every 1.5-3 hours but he is on fully on breastmilk. How heavy is your son? Mine is around 4.4kg now.

10mo ago

My boy’s birth weight was 3.3kg. I was also afraid of over feeding but he always seems to be hungry which sounds like yours too! And it’s also difficult to put him down to sleep as he takes super long to go back to sleep and by the time he’s ready to sleep it’s time for the next feed and the cycle repeats itself again 😱. Best to check with PD if you’re concerned particularly if your baby is formula fed!