3 Weeks old baby did not poop

I'll like to check as my 3 weeks old baby hasn't been pooping for the past 3 days. Previously she has been pooping quite constantly. These few days she only had fart. She's still feeding as usual. We fed her breast milk and formula milk. So is this a concern?

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My baby is fed with breastmilk and formula milk too. Sometimes she doesnt poop for two days then after massaging some balm (inara digestif balm) and did some cycling motion with her legs, she finally poop! We did seek advice from the doctor at the polyclinic and they said its normal.

Can try massage her tummy, and do cycling motion with her legs. Hope it helps. Initially i was also worried when my mixed fed baby didnt poop for few days, but he did poop eventually.


Massage her stomach two fingers above belly button in clockwise movement plus cycling motion. Dont be stressed if she is not behaving as if in pain. Is she formula fed or breastfed?

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Try massage. I fed mine Woodward's gripe water to remove gas and actually helps her poop too

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Usually Pd will suggest to bring in only after 7 days

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Could be mild constipation

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Ask doc for probiotics

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Check for Colic