Newborn poop

Hi, Is it normal for my 6 weeks old baby to poop only after every 2 days ? Been feeding her both formula and breast milk and she always cry when need to poop. Do I need to change her formula milk ? Thank you #firstbaby #advicepls

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Yup totally normal. No need to change her formula unless she's having constipation because of that. Feel her tummy. If it feels hard, try to massage very gently until you feel that her tummy is soft. My baby is a mix feed baby too. He pooped once in 2-3 days and his poo is always soft but alot until it leaked out from his diaper. I voiced out my worries to his PD & he said it's very normal. Just look out for poo that is unpigmented like white, grey colour. Then must bring baby to A&E.

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8mo ago

She is not constipated and her poo is soft but she always cry while pooping and yes she does poo alotttt.. Thank you! I am kinda relieved now hearing that this is normal.