Just need to rant it all out .. I'm a SAHM .. my hubby is always so passive when it comes to helping me with our Two kids. For example , after he has finished his meal while I'm still struggling to feed our 9 months old, he can jus happily play with his phone or walk away to do his things even though he knows that I've not eaten n my plate filled with rice is still untouched on the table . After I've fed my Baby , I need to watch over him n gobble down the food that has already turned cold n many times I jus lost my appetite . Like jus now, I told him I haven't eaten yet but he jus keep quiet n do his own things. I'm so upset! :( we don't have helper or parents or in-laws at home so is entirely on our own . I have to ask him to help then he will slowly n reluctantly come n help :( Not only this , many other things too .. he is just so passive! Brought kids to East Coast .. he can Just sit farther away from the sea n play with phone while I struggle with Two kids at the beach near the sea. I'm really angry ! I don't believe that all husbands are like that ! I'm sure there are very hands-on daddies around ! I tried telling him directly . No use . I dunno what else I can do :(

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