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Hi mummies, I’ll be delivering at TMC and would like to check with mummies who had delivered there previously. What should I pack in my hospital bag and what to bring to the hospital for delivery? What would the hospital provide? Thank you! #firsttimemom

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TMC single bedder. Mummy: - 1x Kotex overnight panties for discharge. - Comb - Charger - Nursing bra (can wear during admission then braless thru out and wear back on discharge day) Optional: - Change of clothings else wear back same. - Breastpump & flange inserts. Baby: - NIL unless you have preferred clothings you wanna dress baby during discharge else everything is provided by hospital. Daddy (if staying over): - Charger, cards & cash. - Change of clothings Everything is pretty much provided by hospital (from toiletries to gowns. During your stay, nurses will change pads for you so no need to bring any extra panties or pads. I wore hospital’s maternity pads and disposable panties during my stay, Kotex overnight panties during discharge.

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Thank you for sharing! ❤️