Sleeping on the side

Hi all, need advice. I am currently in my 34th week. I have read that it is recommended to sleep on the left? In my case, when I turn to the left, baby keeps kicking but when I turn to the right, baby does not. Anyone has experienced this? It is preventing me from having good sleep at night. TIA.
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What i know by sleeping on the left side.. u will give oxygen& blood to the baby.. i've been sleeping on the left side the moment i found out i was pregnant.. and ya until now im at 33weeks my baby is
i just sleep where im comfortable with and the baby will stop kicking if you just ignore the kicks. but my gynae got say bfr, just lay straight, because its comfortable for them also
I am at week 33. Also experience the same thing. I was able to sleep well on left side during 1st and 2nd trimester. Since week 32, i have problems sleeping on my left. Will turn to my back or right s
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Yes, at 34th week, I can’t sleep well too. I find this article informative