Sleeping curled up on left side

Hello mummies! I am currently 28 weeks pregnant with my #firstbaby . Would like to seek advice on a concern I have - read online that sleeping on the back is not good during pregnancy and that it is best to sleep on the right side however I sleep best on my left side curled up, but I am worried and wondering if it is okay for me to sleep curled up (not squeezing just thighs touching belly!) because baby would usually give strong kicks when I do so #advicepls

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Yes I like to sleep left side as the flow of blood supply to stomach is best - so that aids digestion better as I have indigestion issue. It’s ok to sleep on your back sometimes, but some mothers have big bellies by 2nd trimester and the weight and gravity of baby may cause pressure to the back, causing discomfort and some hindrance to blood flow. I also like you, like to sleep c shape curled up. It’s ok to let the baby kick you, he or she can practice muscles and actions 🙂 so long as it doesn’t cause you too much discomfort. As they r already protected by your uterus lining and amniotic fluid. Some external pressure to the belly is fine, so long not too tight

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6mo ago

Thank you so much for this reply! 🥰