Stroller with car seat

Is it necessary for me to get a stroller with a car seat? We don't own a car. But is it necessary in singapore to have one when we are taking Grab services for e.g?

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Super Mum

Not necessary. Most Grabs are not allowed to carry babies in the car (only special ones for families). But taxis are allowed to. For added safety, I put baby in the baby carrier facing me, and put on the seatbelt after that, so that baby’s more secure.

if u have the money n space then its good to have, not necessary

Super Mum

Yes, a car seat is required if you take Grab. Taxis are ok

Not necessarily. I just go for flag down cab or book taxi

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Nope. Or you can try groups that are blessing one away

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We didn’t get any.. just take taxi. No nd carseat