My son just turned 1 year old a few days ago and I am planning to start introducing him to cup milk feeding instead of bottle feeding. Is it too early or is there any tips to help this transition of bottles to cup? Thank you.

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Think it is worth a try. You can also consider trying to let your child learn to drink from a cup with the help of a straw. Some of my friends did that and had great success. Their children catch on quickly. You can consider that too! :)

Yes he can already cup feed. Cup feeding is recommended even in premie babies in NICU and newborns. You can try small amounts first or in a small cup like a medicine glass or shot glass then eventually move to a bigger glass/cup

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Thanks Tracy! :-)

When I gave birth, bottles aren't really allowed so the babies are either fed through cup or direct latching. Newborns know how to cupfeed so don't worry. They're actually cute in feeding through cup!

It's never too early for anything if your LO is ready. The best way to find out is to try and see it for yourself. If he's not ready, you can push back few days later and try again.

I think you can already do the transition. Even newborns are being fed in a cup. Just make sure to assist him and probably use a small glass first.

It isn't too early to start introducing him to cup feeding. It would interest you to know that my boy of about 9 months has mastered cup feeding.

As a working mom, i was advice to give bottle feed (breastmilk that i pumped) to my daugther already (she is currently less than a month old)

Yes you may, it might even be easier. I'm struggling to get my son off the bottle and pacifier. He'll be two this month

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You may try. But I still think bottle is better