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My 2month old baby is fully breastfed via direct latching. I will be returning to work after my ML. I am thinking if I should introduce bottle or cup feeding to baby. Anyone skips bottle feedband goes direct to cup feed so that baby does not need to wean off bottle? Any pros or cons?

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I'm alternating between bottle feed and direct latch from my baby's birth. My baby didn't want to direct latch in the beginning and I had to train her for a couple of weeks from birth, cause she had a flow preference. I would suggest trying paced bottle feeding if you want to alternate bottle and direct latch. The method mimics breastfeeding pace better, as one issue with bottle feeding is babies developing a preference for faster flow from a bottle teat. This method was recommended by the TMC LC I saw. It took about a week for my baby to get used to the slower flow and I've managed to direct latch since. From 2.5 weeks old, my baby takes to both bottle and direct latch. Before paced bottle feeding was introduced, my baby guzzles 60mls in 5-10mins even with the slowest flowing teat and she won't even latch longer for 5 mins at a time. It is helpful for me since another person can help me to bottle feed when I rest, which is usually only 2-3 feeds, and I can direct latch for the rest. I'm also using Philip Avent natural bottles. This is the article my LC sent me- This video gives a good idea of paced bottle feeding- As for cup feeding, the nurses in the hospital I delivered in (not TMC) said it might be a choking hazard for newborns and young infants, so they weren't keen to teach me. The caregiver has to be careful during feeds. Should be fine to introduce in older infants!

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bottle. at this age babies do not know how to drink from a cup, they just lap it up like a kitten n that will take super long considering the amount. not to mention, there’s a risk of choking if the caregiver does not know how to cup feed properly. when my lo first came home i also tried opting to cup feeding when my supply was low n need to topup, just 40ml of formula took me 1hour to get lo to finish it n it was super scary she almost choke few times even tho i was going really slow, end up i just used syringe for a day then completely switched to bottle.

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Unless you’re referring to using the medicine cup as in for feeding newborns, I wouldn’t recommend using an actual cup to feed baby. At this age, the flow rate would be too fast, with likely choking/aspiration (milk going into the airway and lungs) happening. Please use the milk bottle with an appropriate sized teat to keep your baby safe, especially if you’re leaving your baby in someone else’s hands ...

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Bottle is easier. I used cup when baby is still young to avoid nipple confusion, when she is 2 month old she is able to switch btwn bottle and nipple fine. Try the one with the natural teat shape, I'm using that by Philips Avent!

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Bottle feed at 2 months old, then gradually change to open cup