Transition from feeding bottle for milk

Hi mummies! Currently my 2yo is drinking milk from feeding bottle. May I know what is the right age/ time I need to teach her to drink from straw cup/ open cup? Since I feel the hole in the bottle is too small and takes lot of time for lo to finish drinking.Pls share ur suggestions. Thanks!

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I have started before 2yrs of boy but I never stopped it completely, I hv transferred him gradually .. n now he is raised to drink on his own with tumbler .. so no need to hurry let the kid learns it slowly .. if think ur baby ready then switch it ..

Hi! I started my boy on straw cups when he was 20 months old, but only for plain water as it is quite hard to clean in insides of the straw. He started drinking directly from a cup (no straw) at about 24 months old

3y ago

Thanks for sharing! Guess it’s the right time to start using cups.