My little one is 1 year old. He is still not sleeping through the night and wakes up once at 3am for a night feed(bottle). Anyone has any tips on how to get him to sleep through the night? I tried to rock him back to sleep and he would wake 15mins after. I heard of some sleep training methods but not sure which one works. I don't really like the cry it out method though. Appreciate any advice or sharing of experience.

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I think you might have to try a few methods before seeing which one suits your son more. Is his bedroom conducive for sleeping? Is it dark and quiet enough? Some parents recommend a heavier bottle feed before putting their children to bed to increase the chances of them sleeping through the night. As for getting him back to sleep after he wakes up, perhaps you could rock him a little longer even after his eyes are closed to ensure that he is in deep sleep before placing him on the bed. I don't agree with the cry-it-out method as well as it makes them feel insecure. These methods may also help your son sleep through the night:

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