My little girl has issues with her school teacher and does not like her being around in class. What do I do?

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You can prompt her by asking her some questions e.g. is the teacher fierce? is the teacher scolding people? what do you like and don't like about the teacher? Then get the whole picture from her answers. From there, try to explain to your daugther why teacher behaves in a certain way. My girl when she was in N2, she told me she dislike one of the teachers as she scolded her once due to she make noises. So I explained to her, school got school's rules and what if everyone in the class making noise then the teacher cannot do the teaching. After that she is okay to accept the fact that teacher is just trying to manage the classroom. In addition, you can check with the teacher by asking her how is your daugther doing in her class? Sometimes they are actually okay with the teacher in the class and just use excuse 'I don't like the teacher to avoid going to school'.

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Ask her about what bothers her, and why is she not comfortable with the teacher being around. Since, she has to go school everyday, you cannot even tell her to ignore the thing. Figure out what the problem is and sometimes, it happens so that they find the exterior of the teacher strict. Though the teacher may be sweet but may look as if she is stern. Or, the kid has always experienced the women or men around her to be extra sweet and she has that as a benchmark as how teacher too should treat her. But, you must get into the detail of the issue and if nothing comes to terms, then change the section your child is in.

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You should sit down with her and ask her why she doesn't like her teacher. It could be due to the way the teacher handles the children, which is a very valid reason for your daughter not wanting to be around her.