My husband and I had not been living together for 4 months

My husband and I had not been living together for 4 months. i stay with my parents. My husband had been cheating on me since marriage. He had contacted and living with the same woman. He left me and my two daughters who is 18 months and newborn baby. Just need an opinion. Should I divorce him? Just to let you know he rent a condo and live with this woman. For 4 mths he never bother to ask about me and daughters.

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I’m so sorry about what happened to you, but I think you should respect yourself and move on. He doesn’t deserve to be a father. Your young children need a good father figure to be their role model growing up.

Sorry to hear that. Think you know the answer what should you do next. You may call Legal Aid Bureau at 1800 2255 529 for assistance if you need and qualify. Stay strong. 💪

Thank you mummies for all yr advice. I appreciate it very much. Feel relieved letting out my prob and listening to mummies advice. Thank u ;)

I marry for 2 yrs.How i wish i haf pi. fanancial issue.

I agree heng heng...Thank u