My girl would just want to stand when it comes to napping/sleeping time, and would get frustrated when I pull her back to sleep, she'll just want to stand. What to do?

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Is your girl just learning to stand? Read that there may be certain disruption to sleep schedule when they hit some development milestones. My boy was so excited that he can crawl and stand with help that he was angry when I try to get him to sleep. This week he went back to normal and sleeps around the usual sleeping time. :)

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How old is your baby? My daughter whines when carried in a cradle position, so we shush her while carrying her vertically. Ensure that she is in deep sleep before putting her down, so she is less likely to wake up.

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Maybe she is not sleepy yet, try to extend the sleeping time by half an hour. Also, switch off all the lights and on light music to indicate that it's time to sleep.

Sounds like my daughter now. She refuse to lay down but I will usually wait till milk time, lay her down with her milk bottle then wait for her to sleep.

I'll just let her stand and play with her till she's tired. Then I lay her down to sleep after she begins to show signs of sleepiness.