My 4yr old son is sensitive..observant..inquisitive but aggressive. We try to handle his aggressiveness calmly but at times I do loose my cool as I am the one spending most time with him. On his cooling, I explain to him. He agrees ....but mostly its back to square one. I feel he is such cos he has not had kids around and gets jumbled up in excitement and expressing. But maybe I am biased being his mother. What troubles me me sleepless nights is when prople swuirm and mock us because of him. worst thing is that he catches their body language. just fyi, he enjoys and prefers older kids like 7years onwards and not his own or younger...sadly we do not get often. I think I will go into depression. thanks for reading this patiently.

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Hi mummy, it really sounds v tough on u. Handling him is not easy and on top of that, having others to laugh at u. Some children do relate better to older children than little ones becoz older ones know and able to play with him. Don't fret. If talking therapy doesn't help, try showing him videos on values like showing kindness and having empathy. These might be helpful tools to keep him in check.

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6y ago

Thanks for the idea

If you have tried everything, then see a child psychologist. It is a kind of taboo in our society to see a psychologist but it is just a normal thing. Sometimes, kids do take time to adjust to societal behaviour.

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