My 4yr old son is sensitive..observant..inquisitive but aggressive. We try to handle his aggressiveness calmly but at times I do loose my cool as I am the one spending most time with him. On his cooling, I explain to him. He agrees ....but mostly its back to square one. I feel he is such cos he has not had kids around and gets jumbled up in excitement and expressing. But maybe I am biased being his mother. What troubles me me sleepless nights is when prople swuirm and mock us because of him. worst thing is that he catches their body language. just fyi, he enjoys and prefers older kids like 7years onwards and not his own or younger...sadly we do not get often. I think I will go into depression. thanks for reading this patiently.

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When you say aggressive, to what extent? Has he actually hurt another child? I would recommend signing him up for a sports activity where he can play rough but with control and rules. Sports can instill control and discipline, give him a space to unleash his energy but with boundaries. Perhaps rugby or a form of martial arts? I've heard so many stories of "aggressive" kids doing well in sports and learning to control their energies. As for the other parents, they are just being protective, albeit a bit too much, so just ignore them and focus on your son. Good luck!

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