My 2 mths lo is now having flu n light coughing. Should I bring her to PD or just continue BF her? BM = Natural Medicine?

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When baby gets sick, one of the best things a mom can do is to keep breastfeeding because like adults, babies who are sick need to maintain their fluid intake. Plus, there are alot of antibodies in breastmilk. It also contains more general disease-fighting substances that help prevent many common illnesses. Since baby is having flu and light coughing, keep breastfeeding and monitoring baby's health for a few days. If it doesn't improve, seek medical advice. If baby is having trouble breastfeeding because of the cold, you can consider using a nasal aspirator to suction mucous from baby's nostrils or placing a cool mist vaporiser near where baby sleeps.

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May i know wher to buy mist vaporiser

Baby at 2 months old even going to the doctor they will not prescribe medicine for them as they are too young. Also, it is not good for babies to rely on medicines. Doctors try not to give so as that they can build their own immune system to fight the viruses. If it's just light flu and cough, I wouldn't bring them to see a doctor. But in any case it gets worse, please do. Keep calm and breastfeed on! If you are direct latching your baby, when their saliva get in contact with us during feeding, it will send a signal to the body to produce colostrum which is rich in antibodies for babies.

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As bm may give baby the antibodies he/she needs, your baby still needs to be seen by his/her pedia mommy. Esp at your baby's age cough and colds can easilly lead to pneumonia :'( better be safe mommy. Just make sure your pedia is a bf advocate and tests should be done first to confirm the diagnosis. (As per experience ped misdiagnosed my baby without any labs or tests) praying for your lo :)

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As a mom of 2 kids, I only let my babies latch when they were still infant whenever the have slight fever and cough or colds. Synthetic medicines aren't really advised for babies under 6 months unless the case is really worse.

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